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Shenzhen De Jia Bao Electronics Co., Ltd. -LH probe manual
Product Description
1. After the product is unpacked, keep the needle in the casing and insert the needle into the casing vertically. After the fixation, press the final tool to gently press the sleeve from the top of the needle. The top of the needle and the top of the needle are parallel Or the top of the needle tube is lower than the top of the casing 0.3mm.
2. The stroke of the needle during the testing of the product is a standard stroke of 1/2 ± 1% of the needle's inactivity. Exceeding or below this standard affects its product quality and work effectiveness.
Product storage and preservation method
1. Dry and cool place or into the oven and add a small amount of desiccant.
2. Keep the probe environment clean and hygienic.
3. Has been unpacked packaging products should not be used in time to put the box to save.
Product Precautions
1. The probe and needle must match each other using the same label.
2. When the probe is placed in the needle sleeve, it is necessary to use the special flat clamp to insert the needle sleeve, prevent the deformation of the needle tube so that the spring within the needle tube and the wall resistance becomes larger, the friction increases, the pressure becomes larger, resulting in probe life change Short and damage to the tested product.
3. The needle tip of the needle and the top of the needle must be kept in a vertical (90 °) needle low needle into the needle, thus avoiding the needle in the work of the needle stroke to avoid too large, affecting the probe life and test results.
4. The probe must be kept clean and free from other debris and dirt before it can be placed in the test bed to avoid blackening the head during the test and prevent the probe from working properly and affecting the test results.
5. When the number of probe tests is 50,000, it is recommended to use (NSF certified) probe special cleaning agent. The
6. Needle and needle stroke in the case of the needle does not work in the case of the total length of 1/2 has reached 1.8N when the stretch, when the stroke is greater than 2/3 when the needle reached 2N (Newton), then the number of all the pressure It is beyond the standard working range of the probe. Affect the life of the probe.

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