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LH德佳宝电子—2017 NEPCON China上海展会倒计时……

Date : 2017-04-21    Author : 深圳市德佳宝电子有限公司【Back】


2017 NEPCON China Shanghai Exhibition


De Jiabao will debut in Shanghai on April 25-27, 2017, to participate in the "NEPCO twenty-seventh China International Electronic Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition" exhibition. Invites you to visit!

Time: April 25, 2017 - 27 days

Exhibition Address: China 丨 Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall

Exhibitors: Shenzhen Dejia Bao Electronics Co., Ltd.

Booth number: 1J03



De Jia Bao Electronics

     The probe was founded in 1989 and specializes in the production and sales of test probes. After witnessing the wind and rain and time, the LH probe has become a well-known professional manufacturer of probes in Taiwan. Technology in the country also received excellent results and evaluation, ODM / OEM manufacturers have been the unanimous recognition and reputation.
LH probes are widely used in ODM / OEM industry precision circuit boards, chip semiconductors and other tests. Such as: computer motherboards / graphics cards, mobile phone motherboards / chips, unmanned aerial vehicles, UPS power supply, automotive electronics, smart watches / bracelets, routers, switches, digital cameras, camera, fingerprint module ...

LH probe application



In the past, during the testing of electronic products, the probe on the probe in the test will be affected by the external environment, such as dust, rosin, oil and other into the needle parts, resulting in poor testing, probe contact test points are not in place, the test formation Short circuit, resulting in equipment can not be used normally. LH-QX001 perfect solution to the electronic product testing business headaches and common problems, greatly improve efficiency and measurement pass rate!

    1.Non-toxic harmless, safe and pollution-free

2.Professional cleaning probe dirty problem

3.Efficient non-conductive, greatly improve the test stability

4.In line with the EU ROHS standards and through the SGS testing and certification


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