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LH probe cleaning agent effective cleaning probe dirty

Date : 2017-04-07    Author : 【Back】

LH probe Shanghai exhibition - live coverage

Today, 2017 NEPCON Shanghai exhibition has been hot start! LH will continue to hold a three-day exhibition. Meet with you:

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall 1J03 booth.

【exhibition site 】

The first day of the show, De Jia Bao Electronics to attract the attention of all over the country, come to visit and exchange professionals to pour in.

De Jiabao staff is enthusiastic with the audience to explain and introduce, so that more people know more about us.

On the first day of the exhibition, we won the appreciation of our customers' recognition and service to our LH products. The picture shows the intention of customers and industry elites to explore the trend and development of high-tech precision electronics industry The

In the future, new energy, smart home, automotive, mobile phones and other consumer electronics is still a huge market development prospects. So the test for electronic products will be more strict control and precision calculations, the demand for the probe will be more and more huge. Means that the responsibility on our shoulders is also growing, so we will do everything we can to continue to work hard to solve the problem for customers, providing the most superior probe quality and the most reliable solution!


In the past, during the testing of electronic products, the probe on the probe in the test will be affected by the external environment, such as dust, rosin, oil and other into the needle parts, resulting in poor testing, probe contact test points are not in place, the test formation Short circuit, resulting in equipment can not be used normally. LH-QX001 perfect solution to the electronic product testing business headaches and common problems, greatly improve efficiency and measurement pass rate!

  1. Non-toxic harmless, safe and pollution-free

  2. Professional cleaning probe dirty problem

  3. Efficient non-conductive, greatly improve the test stability

  4. In line with the EU ROHS standards and through the SGS testing and certification

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