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LH probe cleaning agent effective cleaning probe dirty

Date : 2017-04-07    Author : 【Back】

During the testing of electronic products, the probe on the fixture will be affected by the external environment, such as dust, rosin, oil and other into the needle parts, resulting in test instability, the probe contact test point is not in place, the test short circuit , Resulting in equipment can not be used normally.

The use of traditional probe cleaning methods can also cause damage to the probe:

1. Alcohol cleaning: the use of alcohol for a simple surface cleaning, this method there are serious security risks. Alcohol cleaning will not only lead to accelerated oxidation of the probe, and alcohol for flammable and volatile items, easily caused by fire and other accidents.

2.2. Ultrasonic cleaning: first of all need to clean the probe from the fixture to pull out after cleaning, but also corresponding to each probe back to the fixture, for hundreds of thousands of probes, cleaning time is extremely time-consuming Laborious work, and the probe after ultrasonic cleaning, resulting in damage to the needle, the internal structure of the change. Directly reduce the service life of the probe.

3. Fine wire brush cleaning: the use of fine wire brush brush wash the probe head, serious wear probe head metal surface of the gold-plated layer, resulting in poor conductivity, resistance becomes larger. In the upper and lower left and right scrub process, easy to use the needle tube brush deformation, needle bar and the needle connected to the larger part of the gap, resulting in loose probe.

At this time you need to use the LH 錂 鋐 probe cleaning agent cleaning probe needle surface oil dirt, rosin, tin slag and other stolen goods.錂 鋐 錂 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐 鋐, Oil, rosin, tin slag and other stolen goods and brought the test instability, abnormal operation of equipment, probe performance degradation and other hazards.

Probe cleaning agent cleaning case:

Before cleaning, can clearly see the probe head has accumulated a layer of roar silver gray rosin, tin slag, leading to some probe test bad, a direct impact on production line production.

After cleaning, the probe head and its claw slope residual dirt, rosin, tin slag, has all been clean, can clearly see the dirty was washed to the board, the needle back to the overall golden color, test performance Big improvement.

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